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Critter Gitter offers squirrel, racoon and skunk removal.

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Are Squirrels Driving

You Nuts?


Squirrels are some of the most annoying rodents around. They squeak, chitter and scamper across your roof, raising quite the ruckus. Kick them out by calling on Critter Gitter. Our squirrel removal services are unrivaled. Your home will be peaceful and quiet again in no time.


Get rid of them with our squirrel removal work in Benbrook & Weatherford, TX!

Racoons & Skunks

Stop Those Masked Bandits!

Raccoons are vicious, unfriendly animals. You don't want them on your property. Fortunately for you, Critter Gitter is always ready to provide raccoon removal. We'll get those ring-tailed little monsters off your back.

If you don't go after them, raccoons can:


  • Crawl inside your trashcans

  • Threaten your dogs and cats

  • Destroy your birdfeeders

  • Damage your home exterior


They Aren't Dead Yet

Have you discovered opossums on your property? Get rid of them with one phone call to Critter Gitter. We'll send those opossums on their way with our tried-and-true opossum removal methods. Opossums are North America's only native marsupial. They're fascinating animals- but you don't want them in your house.

If you find an opossum trying to nest in your eaves or your yard, let us know. We will transfer the critter to somewhere safe and away from your home.



Are You Facing Armadillo Armageddon?

Are you being swarmed by armadillos? Have no fear. Critter Gitter will get those critters out of there. Our armadillo removal is swift and effective. We will rehome the armadillos so you don't have to deal with them. Armadillos usually have four babies. We'll make sure we get rid of the whole family.


Count on us for armadillo control

Armadillos are tricky creatures. Don't let them destroy your yard. Turn to us for armadillo control. We can stop the animals from ruining your property any more than they already have.

Armadillos are:

Save yourself a lot of stress by reaching out to our pest control team.